Wall of Belief

We are creating a Worldwide #WallOfBelief and we want YOU to be a part of it.

The Wall Of Belief is a constantly expanding source of inspiration and connectivity. Acting like an international patchwork quilt of women around the world who are making a mark through their belief.

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Brighid Fry

Nicole Clark

Deanna Collarile

Jennifer Hollett

Jaclyn Genovese

Jennifer Micallef

Jackie Dupuis

Julia LeConte

Emma Lee

June Hamel

Dayna Shiskos

Darci MacPhee Barrett

Charlotte Thompson


Chantal Wade

Kerry Brown

Marnie Luck

Celia Palli

Melani Mariani

Michelle Wright

Ashley Greco

Molly Thomason

Ana Golja

Amanda Quinn

Patti Thom

Adena Clarfield

Romina Fontana

Sarina Condello

Tara Dunphy

Tessa Malisani

Trish Bradley

Trish Ronan

Emma Hunter

Maura Grierson

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