Girls Who Believe Sessions can be booked for your school, community group, camp or organization. We work with girls aged 8 to 18 years old and tailor each session to suit the needs and abilities of the group. Meredith Shaw uses her own personal stories of success and failure to guide the girls through an inspirational how to on what’s possible. These stories touch on self esteem, body image, the music business, the world of fashion, radio and entrepreneurship. The girls are then actively involved in writing a song together – even if they aren’t overly musical – this group task has proven to teach valuable lessons in generosity, creativity and authenticity.

Meredith led a three session workshop on songwriting with my Grade 6 students in March and April of 2014. She came in with a carefully crafted plan to motivate the students to generate ideas and she instilled confidence in them with the warmth and acceptance with which she received all of their thoughts. She helped them articulate the elements that they are drawn to in the songs they listen to and throughtfully wrote and re-wrote music that met those specifications. She was patient with the students through the process and, with her encouragement, they were soon singing out freely as they gathered around her at the piano on the last day of the workshop. They will be singing their song with pride and enthusiasm on their Graduation Day to create an unforgettable musical memory, thanks to Meredith, her creativity and generosity.

Luanne Schlueter, Branksome Hall


“At Girls Inc., we believe that all girls are inherently strong, smart, and bold, but need help overcoming society’s messages and pressures that make them doubt their self-worth.  Too often, girls are overlooked and undervalued by the outside world.  Providing strong female role models who provide trusting, mentoring relationships is a key component of the Girls Inc. experience.  That is why Girls Inc. is very proud of our partnership with Meredith Shaw and the Girls Who Believe Fest.”

Susan Howells, Girls Inc


“Our kids were lucky to see such a great, confident, talented young woman like Meredith Shaw. We will do it again every summer!”

Kim Smith, Camp Tanamakoon