Girls Who Believe Fest is an all ages celebration held annually in the fall in Toronto. It is a night that boasts an all female musical line up, hosted by prominent female media personalities, with a chosen group of emerging female entrepreneurs set up in the #GWB Market Place. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are also able to have a national contest to find one lucky young female singer songwriter to OPEN the festival. The audience is comprised of young girls going to their first big concert, 20 something hipsters, mums, grandmas and the men that love them. It is a unique cultural experience in a great city for a good cause.


Artists: Meredith Shaw, Robyn Dell’Unto, Andrea Caswell, Angela Saini, Jessica Mitchell, Dani Nash, Melissa Cameron, Ambre MacLean

Hosted by: Emma Hunter

Market Place: muffymade, Carte Blanche Creations, Sugar Mama, LipLabz, Kurve

Contest Winner:
Allison Colby

2012_Fest   2012GWB_POSTER


Artists: Meredith Shaw, Molly Thomason, Ladies Of The Canyon

Hosted by: Lindsey Deluce (CP24), Candice Knihniski (Indie 88.1), Melani (102.1 The Edge), Maie Pauts (boom 97.3)

Market Place: muffymade, tuckshop co, Sarah’s Wooden Spoon, Carte Blanche Creations, brika, Rock and Reverie

Contest Winner:
Jules Collarile

2013_Fest   2013Girlswhobelievefest_Poster_FINAL


We are taking a year off the fest this year because we have an exciting MAJOR sponsor coming on board!

We are already gearing up for Girls Who Believe Fest 2015 – stay tuned!!